Today’s technological innovation is powered by engineering progress and transformative creativity, but it is defined by something far simpler…to make life easier. At Detroit Dispensing Solutions, we strive to create a more efficient, streamlined, and convenient dispensing solution for our clients.  We understand the importance of quality and ease of use and we apply that knowledge to the development of our machines.

With more than ten years of designing and engineering production equipment, Detroit Dispensing Solutions is inspired by the desire to build a better machine, through a combination of innovative products, expert advice, and customer feedback.

Everything we do at DDS is guided by three key values: These fundamental principles guide our actions and the way we work as a company.

We Are Never Satisfied.

Our engineering and development will continue to evolve as we strive to shape the future of our industry. We view perfection as an unachievable goal, and know there’s always room for improvement.

We Have A Vision.

We see an emerging market and have the foresight to look beyond the horizon to see what’s next and how can we assist our clients in their quest.

We are Reliable.

By making our word our bond and nurturing relationship built on trust and reliability.

We work every day to turn the power of intelligent automation into a catalyst for customer transformation.