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CFS-1800, Automated Cartridge Filling

“We listened to our customers and are excited to introduce the CFS-1800 – crafted with the same mechanical precision and attention to detail as our CFM-1800, but with a smaller footprint and lighter because it comes without a press.

Already have a CFM-1800? Looking to purchase one? Or already have a press? Add a CFS-1800, double your filling capabilities, and use your existing press for both units! The press only takes about 15 seconds while filling a tray of 100 carts takes about 3 minutes.

The CFS-1800 incorporates all the same filling technology and capabilities as the CFM-1800 – just in a more compact package.


1ml cartridges per hour

Cfs 1800

1 year warranty
Measurements 35 x 31 x 64 L x W x H



  • Fill up to 1800- 1ml cartridges per hour
  • True rod positive displacement valve designed specifically for the cannabis market can take metered shot sizes from .16ml to 1.6ml
  • Can handle any distillates or live resins
  • Fill accuracy +/- 1%
  • Low-temperature filling (dispense materials as low as 40 degrees Celsius)
  • 5 Liter 316 Stainless Steel reservoir tank designed for running both large or small batches
  • 5 different heaters to ensure consistent heat throughout the wetted section of the machine


  • Touch screen control for tank pressure, shot size, zone temperatures, and capping force.
  • Create and store recipes for different materials.
  • 3 stage sanitary air filtration providing food grade air
  • Modular design allows for quick and easy repairs to reduce potential downtime.
  • Includes a “syringe mode” to activate a foot pedal for metered syringe filling.


  • 120v 20amp power supply
  • 100-145 psi shop air supply

Touch Screen Control

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Press 100 Caps at a Time

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3 Stage Air Filtration


Modular Design for Easy Repairs

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Metered Syringe Filling